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Tilt & Turn Window

Update your homes with a contemporary new look by adding tilt and turn windows. Designed with large panes that maximize light, the windows will not only give a sophisticated and striking look on the outside, but will also enable you to benefit from their low maintenance and easy to clean features, and it allows you to enjoy fresh air without an opened window.

Entrasections tilt and turn (double actions) window was designed to meet the residential, commercial and institutional markets.

The window tilts open at the top providing all-day ventilation and is very secure even if the window remains open for a long period of time.

Colors:  With a variety of vinyl color options and exclusive Solex™ laminate technology, Entrasections offers a wide variety of durable interior wood grains and exterior colors.

Solex exterior laminates are multi-layered and designed to perform. Based on Renolit exterior film technology, each layer is engineered to address various environmental issues from heat reflection to weather-resistance and color-retention.


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